USVI represented in the Paralympic Games in London for very first time

Equestrian rider Lee Frawley will be the first athlete to represent the 
U.S. Virgin Islands at the Paralympic Games, when they start Aug. 29 in London
Equestrian, Lee Frawley, becomes the Virgin Island's first Paralympian and will compete later this month at the Paralympic Games in London. The Paralympic Games begin next Wednesday, August 29, 2012 and run through Sunday, September 9, 2012. 

Ms Frawley was born in New York but grew up on St. Thomas and has been riding horses and competing in equestrianism for a majority of her life including trotting along the beaches of the Virgin Islands and even taking her horses for swims!  While born in the Virgin Islands she moved to England to finish her schooling and has lived there since. While she has represented Great Britain in equestrian events she will be proudly representing the Virgin Islands this summer. 
While she has been riding from the young age of 5, it was an accident 14 years ago that had her hospitalized and almost ended her riding career.  With lots of therapy and support, she has been able to continue and thrive in her riding career.
She currently lives in Red Hill, England, with her two children, Matthew and Page. She took sixth last week in England at a 'dress rehearsal' competition for the 2012 Paralympics. This will be the first time the USVI will be represented at the Paralympics.
Editor's note: According to Wikipedia the Paralympic Games are a major international multi-sport event where athletes with a physical disability compete; this includes athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and cerebral palsy. There are Winter and Summer Paralympic Games, which are held immediately following their respective Olympic Games. All Paralympic Games are governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

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