Day #5 was a mix of sun & rain & wood & plumbing; however, we are all eyes to the sky as we start week #2

The outline of the pool has been formed

Day #5 was a mix of sun and rain so we lost a little bit of time; however, it was still a productive day.  The guys did some hand digging to fine-tune the size of the footings that will eventually be poured with concrete. More rebar was cut and formed (into grids that will be placed into the middle of the concrete to hold it in place. And, more wood was cut and placed to define the outline of the pool.  
The side of the pool that faces the Caribbean will be curved

We met with both our electrician (Dick from Angel Electric) and our plumber (Joseph, owner of Love City Plumbing) and were delighted with them both.  They each are great people and both had great suggestions about how to improve our original design.  Dick suggested adding some very cool LED lighting to our wading pool and Joseph suggested some modification to our existing plumbing system that will make it much more efficient. 

While we had a great first week of construction, as we start week #2 we are watching the weather closely since we have two weather systems (one looking like it could be quite nasty) to our east heading our way.  The red circle, according to the National Hurricane Center, is a 'tropical system' which, at this point, has an 80% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone (e.g. tropical storm or hurricane) within the next 48 hours so this may well prove to be a nerve-wracking week!

This is the description for the red circle! 

Monday AM, picture from our webcam:

At this point the weather is great
so it is hard to imagine there is bad weather heading our way