Day 4 - Sun and lots of steel

We awoke to a wonderful Caribbean sky:

View from our webcam
(we actually have the exact view from our bed in the Owner's Suite!)

With a sunrise like that it was bound to be a great day...and, it was!  Our crews showed up early. Folks here start work early (7 AM). The first one here was a guy delivering water and ice for the guys.  As you can imagine, working all day in the tropics you (should) drink a lot of water! Right behind him came Dave's crew.  We have lived here long enough to know good crews and crews that just slide by.  Dave's guys arrive on time and get to work! Obviously, this we love!  
Rock-a-Rock, our excavator, arrived to do some fine-tuning for the pool and then departed to return to do back-filling when the pool is formed.The day was spent cutting and forming rebar....a long and somewhat tedious but, oh so important job! This pool will go nowhere. It will be very sturdy:
The steel rebar, which is thick, will be placed in the concrete
surrounding the pool to make sure that the pool is secure
And while the rebar is formed, the pool site is also framed with wood for the concrete to be poured into:

Boy, are those footings wide!

And, if you think life is so easy in the tropics, here is proof hubby worked so hard his pants ripped!

Chuck literally worked his pants off!