Day 3 - Rain, Sun, and pool starting to be framed

Last night brought some wonderful rain. When we woke to gray clouds we thought we might be rained out of any construction.  While we love the liquid gold (i.e. rain) that fills our cisterns but not when it conflicts with our construction so we were a bit disappointed when we saw rain this morning: 
Rain filling our gray water (for plants) cistern which is under the tennis court
But, as quickly as the rain came, the sun started to poke out of the clouds:
We have fabulous clouds around St John!
And then it turned into a(nother) perfect day:
Perfect weather for boating or constructing a pool!
On to day #3 -- Rock-a-Rock, our excavator, finished digging the footings so his job is done for a while.  He will return to back-fill the pool and grade around the new pool patio once the pool has been formed and the concrete poured which is weeks off.  

Those are some pretty BIG footings

We got rebar (the metal that goes into the concrete to hold it in place), wood and plywood (used to form the pool and support the concrete until it is cured) delivered today:

That is some pretty big rebar

Once the excavator finished, Dave's crew started framing the area:

Looking west over Chocolate Hole harbor
Another great day!