Tropical Storm Isaac heads south of St John (we hope!)

As of right now (and we all know weather is totally unpredictable!) the National Hurricane Center forecasts a path that takes Tropical Storm (TS) Isaac - by the way, Isaac was my father-in-law's name, who I loved and loved me, so I am confident 'he' will leave us on St John unharmed - far south of the US Virgin Islands.  I am sure we will feel strong winds and get lots of rain (which will fill our cisterns) but, hopefully, we will not get the brunt of his wrath as TS Isaac passes.

We will try to keep our  St John webcam live as long as we have electricity and it is safe to keep the camera out in the weather so check us out!  Right now the sun is just poking out from behind the clouds that have started to arrive in advance of TS Isaac:

Wish us luck! By Friday we should be back at the beach!