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st john villa great expectations

Trip Advisor names St John as one of the
World's 10 best islands

st john trunk bay

I took this picture of Trunk Bay while attending one of world-renowned
Steve Simonsen's photography seminars (highly recommended!) 
What do Bora Bora, Santorini, and St John have in common? Well they are all islands, but there are literally millions of islands in the world so that is not it. These islands, and 7 others, made the coveted list of Trip Advisor's 2013 list of the 10 Best Islands in the World! Not too shabby! Those of you who have been to St John understand why we made the list. Those of you who have not been here yet, will see for yourselves when you step on the island for the first time. The beauty of St John is ever-present. Our mountainous topography offers a wonderful vista around every bend. Our crystal clear, warm, turquoise waters are magically beautiful. And, it is just as pretty underwater as it is above.  I believe, though, we also made the list because of what we do not have. Two-thirds of St John is part of the US National Park system so we will be forever green and those lands should never, ever be developed. We also do not have casinos, movie theaters, airports, cruise ships (well, yes, day trippers come over from St Thomas, but no huge cruise ships can get close enough to dock in our harbors, just sailboats and small power boats).  Trip Advisor writes that "Ecotourism is alive and kicking on St. John. There's more than enough to do on land, from watching for wildlife in the national park to hiking miles of trails or strolling sandy white beaches. Hit the water for amazing snorkeling, swimming, even underwater photography—of course. This is the Caribbean, after all."  Trip Advisor lists 48 'Things to Do' and if that is not enough our wonderful Concierge, Coby, can add to that list for you!
April St John news flashes & fun St John clips:

  • st john eco toursOne of the reasons St John made the 'Best Islands' list this year is the commitment we have to the environment. Virgin Islands Ecotours is the leading eco-tour company offering a variety of tours many of which start off at their new Honeymoon Beach location at Caneel Bay, in the Virgin Islands National Park on St John. There are also private tours for families or wedding parties.Their award-winning tours combine kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling into a unforgettably fun and educating experience emphasizing our leave no trace style ecotourism. Experience it for yourself first through their video and then for yourself when you next visit St John. 
  • st thomas carnivalApril is Carnival Season on St Thomas and this year is every bit as festive and fun as the first St Thomas Carnival over 101 years ago in 1912. This year's Carnival officially began on March 31 and ends on April 27th. The St Thomas's Festival (aka Carnival) is filled with music, food, and parades as are all the Virgin Islands Carnivals, but, somehow this one is more rambunctious and wild than the others. If you want to experience a Caribbean Carnival, but do not want to be overwhelmed on St Thomas come to St John during our Carnival season which is calmer, but still colorful (mid-June to July 4th). 
    • rolex regattaSpring also brings sailing regattas to the Virgin Islands. The 40th Annual International Rolex Regatta was held last month with St Thomas Yacht Club hosting the races. The weather during this year's race was picture perfect as many of the  local photographers captured in dramatic ways. The weather during the recent British Virgin Islands Spring Regatta was not as blue, but the strong winds and rain (yes, rain) made for dramatic sailing and some wonderful pictures as well. 
    • my virgin islandsIf you want to keep up with All Things St John  there is a great app for you. News of St John Blog reports that the app, My Virgin Islands, is new and improved and now provides information, by island, about beaches, shopping, services, events, accommodations (and yes, you can find our villa,  Great Expectations, which is the only villa rated with 5 stars!), and restaurants. Given the popularity of this app I sure would put it in your 'favorites' and check back often for updates. The app is iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android friendly and best of all, it is free!
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