St Croix goes all out wining and dining April 14 - 20, 2013

Sunset BBQ takes place on the Pier in historic Frederiksted town
Interested in wining and dining all for a good cause, well, the St Croix Food & Wine Experience is just what the doctor ordered for you!  While this Blog is usually dedicated to all things 'St John', from time to time we think it is fun to highlight some of the happenings on our sister islands. This Blog posting is about a delicious 'happening' on our sister island St Croix, ~ 50 miles to the south of St John.  First, a bit of background about St Croix which is 28 miles x 7 miles is the largest (and flattest) of the US Virgin Islands and has the distinction of having the easternmost point (Point Udall)  of any place in the United States.  Unlike the other US Virgin Islands, for a a bit over 100 years from 1650 - 1733, St Croix was a possession of France. In 1733 France sold St Croix to the Danish West Indies Company and for the next 200 years St Croix was known as part of the Danish West Indies until Denmark sold all of what are now the US Virgin Islands to the United States in 1916 (for a sum of $25 million - less than one of the recent Peter Bay Villa sales!).   
Now on to the food and drink! In 2000, two Crucian (that is what St Croix residents are called - well, technically, one has to be born on St Croix to be a true Crucian!) restaurateurs started Taste of St Croix to bring the restaurant community together.  It became a great success and they quickly turned to the well-respected non-profit St Croix Foundation to invest the monies raised in worthwhile and successful education, community, and economic development programs throughout the St Croix Community.  Today, the St Croix Food & Wine Experience is a destination happening consisting of nearly a week of wonderful events including:
  ~ Gourmet Vintner Dinner at the Tutto Bene Restaurant featuring fabulous libations and food and a gourmet themed auction 
  ~ City Crawl limited to 25 people who enjoy specialty beverages and food samplings from participating restaurants and bars as they stroll through the street of historic Christiansted town 
  ~ Food Fight! on the beach which promises to be a wild & wacky competition, part game show, short part iron chef. Dig your toes in the sane and watch as celebrity chefs compete against local chefs in challenges such as blind identification
  ~ Galleon Wine Dinner consists of an elegant night out featuring a stellar menu with perfectly paired wines
   ~ A Taste of St Croix is the event that started it all in 2000. This tasting is held at Divi Carina Bay, local restaurants, chefs, farms and caterers provide a sampling of their delights.  This event continues to be one of the highlights of the week. 
For detailed information about the events and how to purchase tickets check out their website at St Croix Food & Wine Experience.
Yes, even dedicated St Johnians can venture over and support our sister island so travel on over to St Croix and eat, drink, and know that the proceeds go to support great programs throughout the island.
The Taste of St Croix is always one of the hottest (and sold out) events