Wikipedia puts the US Virgin Islands at top of another 'Tops of World' list but this one is NOT one we want to be on!

What do the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu, and the US Virgin Islands have in common? 
Wikipedia just published its 2013 list of Electricity pricing around the world and, sadly, the US Virgin Islands made it into the top 4 most expensive 'countries' (even though we are part of the good old USA, the US Virgin Islands is listed separately) around the world.
No one should be surprised that the cost of electricity is more expensive on St John or St Thomas than the mainland USA, but should it be more than 4 times as expensive? And more than 4 times as expensive as another Caribbean island (Jamaica)? Well, it is. Often guests at rental villas wonder what drives up the rental rates. Electricity has long been a huge part of the operating cost for rental villas (and an overwhelming cost for businesses like restaurants).  
For a long time we have tried to minimize the electrical costs at our St John villa, Great Expectations. With the goal of cutting down our electric bills, over the last several years we have installed 33 solar photo-electric panels on the roofs of Great Expectations.  We also have 3 solar panels which heat our hot water. In addition to reduce consumption, we have installed energy efficient pool pumps, 12 hour timers for air-conditioners, and energy efficient appliances.  Our goal is to be as GREEN as possible since doing so is good for the environment and good for our guest's pocketbook.
We have added 36 solar panels on the roofs of Great Expecations
The full list can be viewed on Wikipedia, but here are a few of the highlights and highs and lows around the world:
COUNTRY/TERRITORY  US cents/kWh  As of Sources
Argentina                               5.75                  2006
Belgium                               29.08                  2011
Bhutan                                    1.88-4.40        2012
Brazil                                    34.20                  2011
Canada                                   6.3- 11.8         2012
China                                      7.5 -10.7          2012
Denmark                               40.38                 2012
Dubai                                       7.62                 2011
France                                   19.39                 2011
Indonesia                                8.75                 2013
Iceland                                    9 to 10             2012
Iran                                           2 to 19            2011
Jamaica                                 7.35-16.80      2011
Paraguay                                8.                      2011
Russia                                     1.7-9.58          2012
Solomon Islands                   84.8                2013 and the 'winner' is
Tonga                                      57.95               2011
USA                                        8 - 17; 37*        2012 *Hawaii
US Virgin Islands                 50.8 - 54.8       2013
Vanuatu                                  58                      2013