Good thing that St John is a little island! Gas prices are crazy!

With gas prices as they are this is how I fill up!
Good thing St John is a teeny island!

The USVI Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) recently issued its territory-wide gas price survey findings. The survey was completed last week, Sept. 13, on St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. 
St. Croix 
If you want a full service station, the lowest price was found at Welco Gas Station: $4.89 for premium and $4.59. The 'cheapest' prices for self-service gasoline were $4.47 for premium at Supreme Service Station and $3.99 for regular at U&W Industrial Supply. Gas City and One Love Service Station tied for the lowest price for diesel @ $4.09 per gallon.
St. John
Currently, with only one gas station (E & C self-service station) on St John it is no wonder that we find the highest gas prices in the Territory!  Drum roll please.....premium $5.17, regular $4.88, and diesel at $4.91. Sadly, I don't think that the 'second' gas station currently being built on St John is a solution to the high cost of gas on our island. This is a picture that I took a couple of months ago as they were still building the MASSIVE retaining wall needed to hold back the hill next to where they decided to built the gas station. Any guess of how all that concrete will be paid?: 

Can you imagine what the price of gas will have to be
to amortize the cost of the retaining wall?

St. Thomas 
Full service gasoline stations with the lowest prices are currently Boynes Trucking for premium @ $4.55 and Petro Gas @ $4.59 for regular. The lowest prices for self-service fuel were $4.88 for premium and $4.65 for regular at Giant Gas, One Stop and Race Track. Boynes Trucking also had the lowest price for diesel fuel @ a bargain price of  $4.40 per gallon.
The obvious solution -- solar cars!