More progress on our St John Villa Swimming Pool...concrete pour for the walls, stairs, bench seat, and pump house base scheduled for this week!

Another week and our new St John swimming pool is taking more form...pun intended because the work this week was to finish forming -- with plywood and steel rebar -- the walls, bench seat (that will extend the entire length of the side of the pool that faces out to the Caribbean Sea!), stairs (we are building a wonderfully grand stairway into the pool), and the pump room floor (which our contractor calls 'the Dog House').

Our plumber and electrician also worked hard to 'rough in' their piping and wiring to ensure we have the proper pool water flow and lights. 

Here are the fruits of their labor:
View of pool looking out to the Caribbean Sea
a patio will be to the left of the pool
The stairs will be grand!
Bench seat will extend the entire way of on wall
so you can sit in the pool and look at the Caribbean Sea!

One of our several pool jets which are arranged to move water around the pool
& any debris into the skimmer
Get your pool float and feel the water!  Soon....