Starfish (recycled glass ones) have been placed in our new St John pool -- can water be far behind?

This past week, after receiving our building inspection sign off, we had another big concrete pour. This was an exciting one since it included pouring the pool walls, stairs, and bench seat (which extends along the entire length of one of the sides so you will be able to sit in the pool while looking out over the Caribbean!).
The concrete has been poured into the wooden forms
We made a change in the design last week about which we are excited.  It actually was the suggestion of Dave Carlson, our wonderful contractor.  We were talking about the edge of the pool and how to finish it.  We have always been planning to have the side closest to the water sloped so we would have the feel of an infinity edge that fades into the sea.  Dave suggested sloping the two abutting sides as well.  Maybe you can figure it out, but we could not until Dave explained just how in the world one slopes the top of a concrete wall; as you can see, he did it! A nice touch.
The pool edge will be sloped into the pool

As far as we are concerned, one of the favorite 'signature' marks of a 'Carlson' project are recycled glass starfish! Dave Carlson put them in our Great Room recycled glass countertop they designed and installed this past year and we loved it so much we asked Dave to put some in our pool. The recycled glass starfish come from the Maho Bay Glass Studio (which is a fun place to visit when you are next on St John):

The color of this starfish will be a perfect match with our waterline tile

Dave asked us where we wanted him to place the starfish and we said that we were in his good hands. Well, Dave having great faith in his crew, told his foreman the same thing...use your judgment and place them wherever he felt they should be....perfect!

Starfish are placed along the bench seat
Can't have too many starfish:

More starfish in the stairs

The concrete arrived in big trucks and had to be pumped to the location of our pool. Dave's crew made sure there was not an errant drop of concrete to be seen (no easy task)! Thank you all!
Not a drop of concrete ended up on our sidewalk, patio, or driveway!

What is next? Literally to watch concrete dry!  Once the concrete has cured (e.g. dried) enough the wooden forms get taken down and our friend Rock-a-Rock, the excavator, returns to backfill around the pool.  We will then start 'coping' the pool floor (rounding out the corners and bottom edges of the pool), then we will be ready to install the waterline tile. Another great week in paradise!