Hansen Bay (Vies Beach)

Located right next to the former Vie’s Snack Shack, Hansen Beach is a wonderful spot to get away from it all.  Check out this photo by St John beach guide to really appreciate how wonderful a spot this is. For a small fee of $3, they offers parking and a beach chair.  Hansen Bay has the soft white silky sand that St John is known for. It also has a very easy and shallow entrance so it is a good option for the little ones or those who are not great swimmers. Most days it also offers lots of protection from big waves but, make sure you bring lots of sunscreen as there is one large area with shade up near the picnic tables.

Often moored off the beach is the new floating taco bar Lime Out. Due to safety concerns they do not let you swim out, but there are plenty of kayaks and SUPS for rent on the beach.

Because this is a private beach, there are some other fun things: pickup barbecues on some Sundays and dogs are allowed (always on their leash).