Our new St John swimming pool is finished and fabulous!

Early morning view to the west overlooking

Chocolate Hole Harbor from our new pool

What a week this past one has been!  Lots of great work was completed this week by the Carlson Construction crew.  

We re-plastered the existing wading and swimming pools

at the Main Villa

As soon as the pool was plastered we filled the pools with water:

Coby ensures the force of the water does not damage the new plaster

on the existing Villa pools

The existing Villa wading and swimming pools are filled:

As soon as the existing wading and swimming pool were filled with water

the crew then tiled and plastered our new pool

Carlson's whole crew was on site working hard to make our tight schedule:

Abraham laying the dark blue trim tile

on the new pool stairs and underwater bench

After another long, long day the plaster was finished and the new pool was filled with water:

Coby filling the new pool -- it took three truckloads of Henry's Pure Water 

While the rest of us are working in the hot sun,

Chuck (right) and Henry (left) congratulate each other on a job well done!

It took way into the night to fill the pool

but it was not hard duty watching the sun set over the Caribbean 

The next morning it was a pleasure to see the the finished product:

Villa wading and dip pools in foreground and

the new pool in the distance

Great, but physically exhausting week, so there was no better way to end the week but with a massage!

Chuck is ready for Tammi (owner of Massage & Bodywork) to give him a massage while listening to the ocean

break on the shore below Great Expectations

Now that we are 'refreshed' we are on to finishing the new pool patio...