Where better to celebrate 'Go Barefoot Day' than on St John?

St John where it is 'Go Barefoot Day' every day of the year! 

Truly, there is a 'Go Barefoot Day' and it is today, June 1! And, why not celebrate it on St John since our temperature averages 85 degrees year round.  The water temperature is just about as toasty warm (and always pristine) 12 months a year.
There really isn't a need for shoes.  We even have a famed' Barefoot minister, who of course, is without shoes during her services.  
Even our fabulous webmaster, Vickery Hill, has gotten hooked on St John's magic where he takes off his shoes (sandals below) to chill and regroup:
 Where do you go to let it all go -- and go barefoot?