Perfect day for the 2012 St John Beach-to-Beach Swim

Record number of people came out to support the Friends VINP Beach-to-Beach Power Swim this past Sunday.  And, why not for it was a picture perfect day for both the swimmers and spectators.  Over  200 swimmers took off on one of three courses.  Read the full story about the routing and details about the swimmers.  A St Johnian, Annie Emery - age 23, took the overall prize for the Short Solo with a time of only 23:30!  Swimmers as young as 5 and as 'mature' as 75 also swam the route.  They came from near (lots of folks from the VI's) and far (Mexico, Spain, Alaska) to swim in our pristine (and warm) waters. The full race results for 2012 Beach-to-Beach Power Swim can be seen here
St John Beach-to-Beach Power Swim Routes