Whales, Whales, and more whales -- around St John

From our March newsletter....  

Whale sightings are all around St John

st john us virgin islands whale sightings

The website USVI Weddings posted this amazing shot 
Spring is a wonderful time to visit St John, our island in the sun. The waters are warm, the breezes are blowing, and whales abound. Whale sightings so far this year have been amazing. And, thanks to the quick actions of several folks we have pictures to share. This video was shot recently by Jason Siska of Coral Bay, St John and posted on Facebook:
st john usvi whale video
Famed St John photographer, Steve Simonsen, captured these wonderful shots last week while running about in his beloved motorboat, Jackson:
st john usvi whales
 There she blows!
st john usvi whale sightingsThese shots were taken just south of where Great Expectations is located

March St John news flashes & fun St John clips:

  • motor yacht March not only brings whales to our waters, but mega-yachts also have been spotted around St John recently. News of St John blogged this photo taken by St John Captain John who pilots the charter boat Palm Tree. The owner of this small craft that measures a mere 288 feet is Mark Cuban (owner of Landmark Theaters). One would guess that the 35 crew aboard can and do cater to his every need. Rumor has it that Paul McCarthy and Bruce Springsteen were spotted on another mega-yacht, The Rising Sun belonging to David Geffen, which was moored just off Honeymoon Beach. Ah, what a life!
  • st john trunk bay beachSt John is once again in the news as the 'go-to' island. USA Travel writer, Melanie Renzulli, has declared the US Virgin Islands and St John, in particular, one of America's best islands!  The fact that we are part of the USA so that no passport is required is one of many reasons she cites for making it to the list. Calling St John 'the most natural' island is another reason. The beauty of St John is inescapable. CNN Travel featured as the #1 'Beaches we'd like to be lounging on', you guessed it - Trunk Bay!
  • The Virgin Islands National Park Service (VINP) made the news nation-wide with its recent announcement banning smoking on any of our National Park beaches or at their facilities. From the Huffington Post and the Seattle Times, the word got out that our beaches are to be forever smoke free!
  • st john brewers ginger beerYou know you are in the Caribbean when three of the top blogs and newspapers on St John feature a new brew! And, why not, since the new offering comes from our own St John Brewer's and is a key ingredient for the favorite tropical drink...the Dark & Stormy! The St John Brewers have been serving up, on tap, their home made Ginger Beer at their pub for a long-time, but they have just perfected the bottling of it and the Ginger Beer will be distributed to a larger market throughout the Virgin Islands (yes, you must make a trip to the Virgin Islands to taste this, but it will be worth the trip...).

We sure hope we see you at Great Expectations or Beau Geste this year or next!

Chuck & Kristin
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