Beloved Woody's on St John is sold

Sure we expect restaurants to come and go, especially on an island 1,000 miles out to sea, but somehow when a place like

Woody's Seafood Saloon

actually does sell it seems like a passing that should be noted.  Have you ever sat on the curbside during one of their happy hours? Or, passed by wishing that you were there (or wondering why in the world it is always so packed???).  Regardless of whether you are a Woody's regular or have just passed by, if you have been to St John you know Woody's.  According to the current owners Woody's regulars should not fret, the new owners - Paul and Scott - promise "that nothing will change"...

Just last year, at the other end of the island in Coral Bay, a similar event happened. Many thought the world would end when it was announced that the


world famous

Skinny Legs Bar and Grill

 was sold to long-time manager Doug Bean and his wife Jaime Elliot (on April Fool's day no less!).  While they have added a wonderful smoker and now - occasionally, offer great smoked shoulder, brisket, and even oysters! 

The smoker at Skinny Legs has been a great addition

What has not changed, and hopefully never will, are the


which is very family friendly and their

commitment of supporting the community

. Stop by on the way home from the beach or spend the evening listening to music. 

These two 'institutions' of St John make our island the happy and funky place that we love.