Best BBQ on St John? There is a new contender on island!

Reggie's BBQ is a bright, clean, outdoor setting right across from Island Blues
(with great views of Coral Bay)

For more than 10 years we have been true blue Uncle Joe's BBQ loyalists, and, we still are; however, there is a new BBQ on island that is definitely 'worth the drive'!  Reggie's BBQ opened recently in Coral Bay, right across from Island Blues and, conveniently adjacent to Cases By the Sea. Reggie is THE same Reggie who, for years, worked for Uncle Joe's BBQ. We loved it when Reggie was on the grill at Uncle Joe's for he always had a great smile and attitude, and, served up mouth watering wonderful BBQ!
This is Reggie serving up his yummy ribs with his wonderful smile
Well, he recently opened his own 'restaurant' (an open air tent with a number of tables with Reggie's 'kitchen' and grill).  We had not seen Reggie for a number of years but he greeted us with his huge smile and laugh as old friends. Best of all his ribs and cole slaw (our favorite 'side dish') are spectacular!  Give him a try the next time you are on St John.  His phone number is:
Reggie's BBQ 340 714-1020    
Other BBQ options you should try while on St John are:
Uncle Joe's BBQ 340 693-8806 across from the Post Office and Cap's in Cruz Bay
Candi's BBQ 340 779-1452 on the way to Starfish Market, right by the turn to the Barge
Driftwood Dave's BBQ 340 777-4015 by the Lumberyard in Cruz Bay 
People are serious about their preferences when it comes to BBQ so let us know what you think!  Recently there was a thread on the USVI-on-Line St John forum about BBQ you might want to check out.
And, what is not to like about this:
Fall off the bones luscious ribs served with great sides