All news and fun facts about the Caribbean and Tropics (and St John, of course)

After you have come in from the cold having shoveled the snow that blanketed many of us over the last several days, grab a warm cup of coffee, tea, or coco and enjoy some of these Blogs that focus on the warmth of the Tropics and Caribbean.  
St John, in the US Virgin Islands, happens to be our favorite island so we tend to head to all things St John, however, we thought it would be fun to include some others here as well:
We encourage you to bookmark some of our favorite St John blogs & Newspapers:
Great Expectations Blog (well, why not read our blog be first? Hope you enjoy it)
St John full moon
St John's Full Moon taken by Gerald Singer
author of the See St John blog 
Virgin Islands On Line/St John - great forum where people bring up just about any topic regarding St John
St John Sun Times monthly free newspaper & website which, sadly, is ending its monthly newspaper as of April 2013
St John Tradewinds monthly newspaper, subscription based & website
Virgin Island Daily News this is the only Virgin Islands newspaper, think of it as our 'New York Times' and 'Washington Post'; published 5 days a week; subscription based & website

There are also great Blogs that focus on Caribbean and Tropical activities, adventures, gifts, places. A couple of the best are:
Tropicalogy: how to be Tropical -  A fairly new blog featuring fun tropical art, gifts including music, photos and ideas about great tropical places to visit. Billy Walsh, the owner of the Blog, is committed to hearing from locals about finding the best of on each island.  He has a passion for the tropics and wants to 'infect' you with his love of the island life. Maybe its because Billy lives in the cold of the northeast United States that he admits his "Tropicalogy is dedicated to those who love the tropics and want to bring it into their lives through travel and adventure or capture it in their homes through decor and other products".
One of his first feature posts happened to be about our favorite island - St John - and he got it right about what makes St John so special. Stay tuned (bookmark his page) for posts about other islands and, hopefully, more on St John as well.  
Trunk Bay beach St John US Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands On Line - features travel information and forums for all of the US Virgin Islands. This is possibly the most comprehensive website about the Virgin Islands and most active forums on anything dealing with life or travel to the Virgin Islands.
Rum Shop Ryan - offers information from almost A - Z in the Caribbean starting with  'A' -Ambergris Cave in Belize to U - Utila, just off Honduras. Sorry, no 'Z' yet to be found.  Ryan has his ear to the conch shell and  has fun tweeting and blogging about current happenings on all the islands.  Ryan calls his blog the Caribbean Escape, and why not!