Maho Bay

While it is a little further out and a little close to the North Shore Road than most beaches, Maho Bay beach has some very special features that make it a favorite of many of our guests.

On the southwest end of the beach are a covered picnic area, concrete ‘restrooms’ and grills with a few parking spots. On the other end of the beach are a few road spots and a corner parking area that, when full, keeps the beach to a comfortable count of people. The water is typical much calmer than the rest of the north shore beaches and the sandy bottom has various spots of bottom grass 20-50 feet off the beach which makes the water a favorite of turtles and other sea creatures. The calmer water and wildlife make this a very popular spot to snorkel with the turtles or stand waste-deep and toss a frisbee around while sipping on a cold drink.


Recent post-hurricane additions include a new privately-owned rental equipment and guide service and the Maho Crossroads tiki bar and food van.

Maho Bay opens up to the north west keep it protected from the wind and waves on most days - which makes it perfect for just sitting neck deep in the water or enjoying a game of Coo Dey Tot™ with a friend.

Try to dethrone the dictator in CooDeyTot at Maho Beach

Try to dethrone the dictator in CooDeyTot at Maho Beach