Little Lameshur Bay

Even further out of the way than Grootpan or Great Lameshur, Little Lameshur is the farthest beach from Cruz Bay and the literal end of the end of the road. The entire beach is a nice sand and there is a few feet of small stones as you enter the water.

This is one of Steve’s favorite beaches on the island. There are parking spots, a new style outhouse bathroom, awesome snorkeling along both east and west rock shores, as well as some nice pinnacles out in the middle right of the bay.

Pack a picnic and cooler and stay for the day, with maybe a stop at Skinny Legs or Wok on the Beach on the way back to the villa.

Also, consider bringing water bottles and comfortable shoes/boots and hike up and over to the petroglyphs and sugar house on the lower part of the Reef Bay Trail.