Hart Bay

Located just a short 5 minute hike downhill from Great Expectations, Hart Bay is one of the southern shores little secret beaches. Not only is it one heck of a place to be for a sunrise, but it has multiple great snorkeling locations out toward the point and around the rock formations in the bay.  One has to be careful entering the water, though, since there is a significant amount of coral (and sea urchins) close to the water’s edge so the best time to snorkel Hart Bay is when the prevailing winds are low.  Often you will see St John Dive boats out around the rock formation with groups of people diving.  We particularly like to roam the beach looking for shells and coral.  It is one of the best shell collecting areas on St John!

If you are a hiker there is a great ‘hiking loop’ from Great Expectations along Bouvecoup Road to Iguana Road’s end where you will find a ‘Hart Bay Trail’ sign which will take you along a 10 minute walk past a salt pond. The trail ends at the north side of Hart Bay beach.  Walk 3/4 way along the beach to the path on the southern end of the beach (it is sometimes hard to find so look carefully for the path) which will lead you up to Bouvecoup Road. Turn right on Bouvecoup Road and follow it until you get to Croton Road which will lead you back to Great Expectations where you should immediately jump into the pool to relax!