The best villa on St. John!

If you normally stay at the Westin with other families on your vacation (as we do), you may consider treating yourself to Great Expectations. They have taken an incredible location (Great views of ocean and harbor), and created a mini resort, where they provide everything you could think of, to make your stay a dream vacation. You go to bed with a perfect temperature trade winds blowing thru your room, as the sun sets off your back deck. You get awoken to that same incredible breeze, lift your head slightly, to the sun coming up over the ocean. Due to the incredible thought out amenities and view, the group of 14 actually saved money, as we decide against hitting the restaurants, and made dinner after beach one of the most enjoyable parts (kids played in pool and tennis court as we cooked on the barbeque). Perfectly situated, it is a 2 minute drive to the food store and cruz bay, but you feel like your on an island. One of the best parts, is due to the design, you get the separation of having your own rooms and space (key if u have little kids), but still get the pleasure of sharing the day together, like you are in your own home.