Ship of Utility Poles arrives St. Thomas

Never have people been so excited to receive a ship of utility poles as those of us who live in the US Virgin Islands! Usually we are excited to greet a cruise ship of tourists, however, this ship was filled with no tourists but something that is a more welcome sight -- utility poles.

Beginning this past Sept 29 and continuing for several days, WAPA crews and its contractors began positioning a shipment of approximately 1,300 utility poles at strategic locations across St. Thomas. A second shipment of another 2,500 poles and additional equipment is expected in the territory within two weeks. The utility poles are part of an initial shipment of additional supplies needed to rebuild the transmission and distribution system. Convoys will be deployed from the cruise ship dock in Havensight, destined for the west end, north side and east end areas.

Energizing the substations will bring service to Red Hook, affording WAPA the ability to test the undersea cables to St. John. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, WAPA should begin to energize portions of Cruz Bay within the next 10-14 days. St. John crews continue to work in the Cruz Bay area planting new poles from the roundabout toward the Myrah Keating Smith Health Clinic.