Our new St John swimming pool is taking shape...literally!

The plywood forms for the pool walls are up and ready for the plumber & electrician

to run their piping & wiring before they are literally set in concrete

Friday morning we had our regular weekly conference with our terrific contractor -

Carlson Construction

.  What is amazing to us about that is, first virtually nothing on St John happens on a '


' basis! The fact that we have our weekly meetings on schedule is remarkable (and telling about just how good Carlson Construction is!). This leads me to the second almost universally-held feeling -- that it is next to impossible, at least during the construction period, to think of your contractor as '


'!  Well, terrific they are!  Dave Carlson and Matt Mueller lead our team and are both great craftsmen, honest, good-natured, and


problem solvers!  

We are about midway through our pool project and are progressing well on schedule.  This past week we formed the walls of the pool and started the forming of the stairs and bench seat. Yes, a cool amenity of the pool will be a bench seat across the entire east side of the pool so, you can sit in the water and look out at the Caribbean Sea.


The bench seat is being formed by Phillip, the closest worker

(the seat will extend 20' along the east side of the pool next to the existing tiled patio)

The pool stairs and bench are being formed

(you can see the cut-out for the stairs on the left)

Work is being done on the western side of the pool

which will be curved

(really cool!)

I love the footings!

Stay tuned!