When do you want to be on St John?

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When do you most like to be on St John?

green turtle francis bay st john usvi

Just this month St Johnian Homer Hickam captured this photograph of a
green turtle while snorkeling in Francis Bay

There are lots of debates that occupy those in love with St John. Which is the best beach for snorkeling? Most romantic beach? Where do you find the prettiest sunset views? Sunrise views? Best hiking trail?

Recently the folks who participate in the popular USVI-on-Line St John Forum have had a spirited discussion about WHEN is it best to go to St John. Seems like there is no 'right' answer. Some say just about any time is right. Others are absolutely adamant that their time is the right time. Birthday or anniversary dates sometimes determine the schedule.

Many have practical ($$$ or school vacations) or romantic (an anniversary) reasons why they visit St John at certain times of year:

Summer is popular - Teachers and families with students, some who depend on teachers or students to house sit their pooch (or children, yes, some people escape to St John without their children!). It is cooler on St John than 'back home' (in Midwest, South, and sometimes even the Northeast). Many said that summer is also a more 'laid back' time on the island. Some mentioned that the villa prices are often significantly less than during the winter months.  Carnival season (June and into the first week of July) were mentioned as driving the schedule.

Fall is also popular; just before it  gets cold 'back home' so they can get away without fear of running into snow storms (back home, of course, and not on St John!). Others like the fall shoulder season rates. Certainly, being on St John for Thanksgiving is a treat. A farmer (of a vineyard) wrote they go in the fall immediately after harvest. The water is warm, the beaches and restaurants are 'all yours'. Halloween on St John is a 'blast' wrote one person.

palm and waterWinter, to no one's surprise, is a popular time for many. The frigid - and long - Mid-West and New England winters were reasons many chose the winter months as the most desirable time to be on St John. The 8-Tuff Mile race in the middle of February is a draw for many. Spending Christmas or New Year's on St John was mentioned as very, very special.

Spring, yup, also popular - Many said that the Caribbean is where they head as soon as the villa rates drop (usually mid-April). There were votes for spring or fall to 'flank our long awful winters with trips to St John' wrote one.

There were many who go to St John several times a year. I guess there is a season for everyone when it comes to planning a trip to St John! 

June St John news flashes & fun St John clips:
  • st john carnival 2013 scheduleSt Croix and St Thomas have had their festivals, now it is St John's turn! Carnival season is in full blast. We have already had the Pan-O-Rama with a wonderful array of music and this past weekend Cruz Bay was hopping with the Festival's Beach Jam. This coming weekend will be jam packed with activities including the Senior Variety Show, the Festival Bike Race will take place for those energetic to ride our wild and hilly roads, and the Princess Pageant. The theme of this year's festival is "Come and Explore the Culture Scene for Festival 2013".
  • The popular Cafe Roma was burned to a crisp a couple of months ago but, the owners are determined to rebuild and reopen their St John restaurant. Just prior to the fire, Cafe Roma owner John Hiebert, was notified that his restaurant had been awarded the 2013 St John Small Business Award by the Virgin Islands Small Business Development Center and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Quite an honor! Hiebert has also had the backing of people throughout the islands. Just this past month the St Thomas Restaurant Group, Bellows & the West Indies Corporations threw a fundraiser to support the rebuilding efforts showing that we are one community when hard times happen. Keep tabs on the renovations or just pop in to their Facebook page to wish them well.
  • st john rib cook offSpeaking of restaurants and good causes, this past weekend the St John community came together to support the ever popular all-volunteer organization -- St John Rescue. There might not be a better non-profit on St John then this group. Their mission is 'saving lives and dedicated to building better lives through education, participation, and community'. And, save lives they do. They are the folks who drop everything to go looking for missing snorkelers or hikers, climb down the ravines of St John's hillside when there is an accident, drive the ambulance boat often in the wee hours of the morning. Their first-ever ST JOHN RIBS COOK-OFF was held this past weekend, with more than 6 restaurants and cooks vying for the title which was won by The Tourist Trap with their Asian Deep Fried Ribs! They had over 400 people at the opening and sold out completely in less than an hour! Clearly, this Cook Off will be an annual one so plan now to attend next year! All proceeds from the event will go to support their goal of raising $250,000 to purchase a permanent building. If you want to support their efforts you can donate on-line.  
  • st john villa lap poolGreat Expectations has a few openings during 2013 (summer and fall) and we are offering them at great savings so take a look our last minute specials. If winter time is your preference to be on St John, do not dilly-dally since our calendar is already filling up for next winter (and spring).  Contact us today to secure your week on St John.


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