What is special about St John??

Could it be the magnificent underwater beauty?

Photographer Steve Simonsen captures some of St John's underwater beauty
Or, the  fabulous vistas?
st john usvi trunk bay 
We never tire of this view of Trunk Bay 
Recently a forum participant on USVI-on-line blog told of the time that she and her husband 'got it' or first really understood just why they are obsessed with St John (their 'eureka' moment was while sitting on a beach with some cool refreshments and watching turtles poke their heads out of the water) and she asked fellow forum readers 'when did you get it and what makes you obsessed with St John'?  Well I guess, for us, one of the most intoxicating things about St John is the endless beauty, both above and below the sea. The friendly people, culture, slow pace, and, yes, the weather (averaging 85 degrees year round) also top the 'reasons I love St John' list.  What is yours?

This guy 'gets' the beauty of St John
(great laid back place to relax the day away)

Come to St John - and Great Expectations - to find for yourself why St John becomes an obsession!
Chuck & Kristin
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