The last day of the year on St John...a mixed day but both of the 'book-ends' were pretty! Check out our St John webcams

The day started off with threatening skies
note the rain shower on in the far right

but, the rain went south of St John and the last day of the year ended with pretty pink skies:

As they say 'pink skies at night...sailor's delight!' 

And the next morning brought

The first day of the year was gorgeous
Bodes well for 2013! May it be filled with pretty skies, warm waters, and wonderful tidings! So, what are you waiting for? Come on down and enjoy...

Can't come today - sad for you - check out these webcams to get your St John 'fix':
Rendezvous Bay this is our favorite -- from our St John villa Great Expectations so, we admit, we are not totally objective!
Other great St John webcams to bookmark are: