St Johnian's need a vacation too! Restaurant closing list for summer & fall published...

St John restaurant closing list 
August, September, October 2012*
Don't worry it is only for a short time!
St John Spice has posted her annual 'Summer/Fall Closings' restaurant list* and, as predicted, many hard working St Johnian's are taking their well deserved vacations.  Do not fret if you are coming to St John during August or September, there are still plenty of great restaurants open and, lots of private chef service options.  Some of the best meals we have ever had on St John are right at home at our Villa overlooking the Caribbean sea!
How about looking at this view while dining?
*As indicated on the list, best to call to confirm the schedule.  Sometimes the vacation is shortened...and, sometimes, it is extended.  As with many things on St John schedules are 'flexible'!  Remember, this is the islands 'mon!