St John Dogs & Cats on the Move...Want to Help?

One of our all time favorite organizations on St John is the St John Animal Care Center (SJACC).  They have done a wonderful job of caring for St John animals (mainly cats and dogs) that are homeless and in need of a forever home and best of all SJACC is a 'no-kill' shelter so often capacity is a challenge for them, but they always seem to manage to take in all lovable 4-legged creatures  needing a roof over their head and some love. 
Twix is looking for a companion to transport him to his forever home in California
SJACC is always looking for people who want to adopt (or foster) one of their animals. Often vacationers fall in love with one of their kitties or pooches and want to take them back home.  Often it is seamless to get them back home with the SJACC providing travel cases and help understanding how to work with the airlines. Sometimes, though, the SJACC needs an extra hand and that is their current situation. They have announced that Twix, pictured above, is looking for an escort to California (Sacramento Airport/San Francisco). Two St John visitors, Gordon and Cerena, fell in love with Twix and want to take him home with them, but they are already traveling with their two dogs (gotta love people who vacation with their dogs!) and they are flying Delta which only allows one dog per human-type passenger. If you are traveling to northern California in the next few weeks and are willing to help transport Twix please call the SJACC @ 340 774-1625.  

Penny (the kitty) on her way to her forever home in Southern California

If you are more of a kitty person, the SJACC is looking for help transporting a lovely kitty to her new forever home in Southern California. Last time our daughter was visiting St John she and her husband fell in love with a teeny kitty and took her back home (to California) to join the rest of their 4-legged family. What is it about California ? Big hearts, I guess!

Even if your trip to St John is not for several months, think about taking home something very loving and lasting (and better for you than a bottle of rum!). If you think that you might have a place in your heart and family for one of the St John kitties or dogs needing a forever home, check out their Adopt a Pet page and when you get to St John stop by to visit  the SJACC animals and staff. The staff are always looking for volunteers to take dogs on walks so what better way of working off that big dinner than taking a walk around Cruz Bay with one of their dogs. If cats are for you, think about volunteering some time and giving some love to the kitties in their charge.  You and they will be the better for it!