Newest St John villa swimming pool - soon come!

Last week was sure a  busy one getting ready for the concrete pour on Friday. We had 5 huge concrete trucks arrive on Friday morning, starting at 7:30 AM. Getting the concrete to the construction site was a challenge in that the concrete truck could not make it up the steep temporary construction road from the west to get to where they had to pour the concrete so the concrete had to be pumped through large hoses (like a fire hose) to carry the liquid concrete about 100' to the site. To make sure that we did not get concrete all over our sidewalk and patios Dave Carlson's crew covered our patio and walkway with plywood and tarps and even had one person available whose sole job was to make sure no concrete spilled on the patio.  None did!

The morning started off gray and rainy which is not a bad thing when you are pouring concrete -- actually, it is better to have a bit of rain than hot, hot sun which might cure the concrete too quickly:

A concrete pumper truck in the Villa parking area.
The sidewalk is nicely protected.
As is the Villa pool patio
The hoses to carry the concrete are connected
We are ready to pump and pour!
Carlson Construction crew spreads the concrete
The guys worked fast before the 'crete hardened
Lots of great detailing 

The two white 'dots' are the pool drains

Looking good

It's a wrap!
for the day that is
Five concrete trucks with 42 yards of concrete -- just for the pool floor!  This is going to be one solid swimming pool! Now, onto forming the walls.  The guys deserved a great, long, Labor Day weekend!
Well done!