It sure is nice seeing 'USVI' on boats at the London Olympics

Virgin Islanders & Olympians Cy Thompson and Mimi Roller
in the Olympic Village in Weymouth

Both Mimi Roller, from St John, and Cy Thompson, from St Thomas, are competing in Lasers this summer. The first races start on July 30th with medal races taking place on August 6th.  The Olympic website details the race guidelines as:

Fleet races competition format

All the Sailing events on the Olympic programme apart from the women's Elliot 6m event are fleet races and follow the same competition format.
In fleet racing, each event has a series of races. Points are awarded in each race: first scores one point, second scores two points, etc.
After 10 races (15 races in the Skiff event), points from the worst race are discarded. The remaining points are added together.
The 10 best athletes/crews then advance to the medal race. Points are doubled, so first place gets two points, second gets four, etc. The points total after the medal race determines the placings.
The athlete/crew with the lowest number of points is the winner.
Whatever the results over the next couple of weeks we are really proud of both Cy and Mimi and happy to have them flying the USVI flag for us!