Happy Thanksgiving Hurricane Style

The third Monday in October marks the 'Hurricane Thanksgiving Day'. This year that is today, October 21 so Happy Thanksgiving! No turkey but equally important NO hurricane and no storms of any sort! Sweet! Take a look at this National Weather Service map of the Atlantic waters captured just last evening: 
According to the National Geographic: Residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands know that if they haven't been hit by a hurricane by mid-October, there's a good chance they're safe for the rest of the Atlantic hurricane season. Since 1726 Virgin Islanders have devoted a day to  give thanks as the summer storms pass them by. While this has not been 'full proof' why not embrace the tradition? Lets hope that the worst of the storms are behind us and all we have to look forward to is sunshine! Enjoy the day by getting to a beach (or, at least, planning your next vacation to St John!):
Your hammock awaits