Farmer's Almanac Predicts a 'Bitterly Cold' Winter! What to do?

This weekend the famed Farmer's Almanac released its forecast for this winter and it is a bitterly cold one!  By their own admission they are using words like 'piercing cold' and even a strong four letter word in caps: C-O-L-D!  You can read the entire Farmer's Almanac report - 2014 Long-Range Weather Forecast - which is broken out by sections of the USA to see just how chilling your part of the world will be this winter.
So what is a warm blooded person to think or do? Yes, plan your trip for St John in the warm Caribbean where the only cold thing you will find is the ice in your smoothie!
Don't be left out in the cold this winter. Where would you like to put your toes this winter?
Do you think they are reading about the winter forecast while dipping
their toes in the waters at Cinnamon Bay?