Did you make a Father's Day promise to vacation on St John this coming year?

Memories for a lifetime are made on St John beaches

St John is a wonderful place to spend Father's Day.  Why not make a promise to yourself (or your Dad) to vacation together on St John this coming year.  It is a wonderful island vacation spot for 'kids of all ages'.  

If you have small kids St John can be magical with its silky, sandy (rock free) beaches with pristine waters (and virtually no rip tides).  Gentle entries at the beaches make learning to swim a piece of cake.  Donkeys, goats, and chickens roaming freely make St John a different experience that going to the 'shore' near home!
If your 'kids' are the grown up types, St John is still magical.  Stars that can be seen clearly and more shooting stars than you will see any other place in the world make it memorable.  Enjoy local music at one of our many restaurants while watching the boats or enjoying the sunsetting into the Caribbean.
St John is a wonderful family vacation destination. What's not to like?