(Another) pool soon come...

As property owners on St John we have found one constant and that is: we are always planning a new project!  Our rental groups at Great Expectations tend to be large and we have gotten feedback from our guests that they would like another, larger, pool (in addition to our current Villa wading and swimming pools and Guest House pool) so we are constructing a 3rd Villa pool which will be added to the west of our current pool:
Great Expectations (top 3 buildings)
Beau Geste ( Guest House)
The new 20' x 30' pool will be just to the west of the existing Villa wading/swimming pool (20' x 20') so guests can amble back and forth from one pool to the next!
Building on St John is always an adventure!  However, the key to building and surviving (with your relationships still in tack and a penny left in your bank account, is to choose a good builder. We believe that we have chosen the best contractor (and crew) on St John in Dave Carlson and Carlson Construction. First and foremost Dave (and his crew) are great people.  They represent the best of St John in every way.  Secondly, they do outstanding work. There is no finer craftsman than Matt Mueller and Carlson Construction, having constructed lots of St John pools, are pros. For months we have been planning to start the project this week.  
Let the digging begin

The end of day #1 of the start of construction and we have a hole!  No (unexpected) wires or pipes were found and most importantly no rock was discovered! A great beginning...

And, while this is not the pool it is the idea we are planning:

On to day #2!