Love is in the Air on St John & Now So is Homemade Ice Cream

Aimed at 'opening' on Valentine's Day -

Friday, February 14

(yes, this year) - the popular St John 'I Scream!' is moving down the road (to Mongoose Junction), opening a whole new concept and changing its name to

St John Scoops

 (you might want to like their new Facebook page to keep up with the latest offerings).They will be making their own ice creams

every day

!  And, not just one or two flavors but - they say - 12 to 16 flavors. And, these are not your old Friendly's flavors since they will include 'adult' flavors such as champagne sorbet and burgundy wine sorbet. It would not be St John without a rum version so they are also planning to offer 'real rum raisin' and 'painkiller'.  For those traditionalists amongst the crowd, do not worry they promise to have some of the old time favorites such as cookies & cream, pistachio, and chocolate peanut butter cup. They will also be offering their super-healthy, raw, gluten-free, superfood smoothies. Also in keeping with the Caribbean atmosphere they will offer island flavors such as mango, pineapple, passion fruit, coconut, and tropical punch.

Ice Cream is super expensive on St John (think $9+ for a 'container' and the flavors are pretty limited) so why not splurge and get the real thing when you are next on St John where it is summer year round so ice cream is always a 'must have'!

PS...Update March 7 ..well, it is 'island times 'mon, nearly a month late, St John Scoops is now opened, go enjoy!