Here are the Names We do NOT want to Hear Between Now & November 30

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1st (and runs through November 30).  These are the names we do not want to hear anywhere (and certainly not around St John or the Virgin Islands) this season!

2014 Atlantic Basin Storm Names & Pronunciations

Arthur [AR-thur] Bertha [BUR-thuh] Cristobal [krees-TOH-bahl] Dolly [DAH-lee] Edouard [eh-DWARD] Fay [fay] Gonzalo [gohn-SAH-loh] Hanna [HAN-uh] Isaias [ees-ah-EE-ahs] Josephine [JOH-seh-feen] Kyle [KY-ull] Laura [LOOR-ruh] Marco [MAR-koe] Nana [NA-na] Omar [OH-mar] Paulette [pawl-LET] Rene [re-NAY] Sally [SAL-ee] Teddy [TEHD-ee] Vicky [VIH-kee] Wilfred [WILL-fred]

Since 1953, Atlantic tropical storms had been named from lists originated by the National Hurricane Center. They are now maintained and updated through a strict procedure by an international committee of the World Meteorological Organization.

The six lists above are used in rotation and re-cycled every six years, i.e., the 2014 list will be used again in 2020. The only time that there is a change in the list is if a storm is so deadly or costly that the future use of its name on a different storm would be inappropriate for reasons of sensitivity. If that occurs, then at an annual meeting by the WMO committee (called primarily to discuss many other issues) the offending name is stricken from the list and another name is selected to replace it. Several names have been retired since the lists were created. Here is more information the history of naming tropical cyclones and retired names.

If a storm forms in the off-season, it will take the next name in the list based on the current calendar date. For example, if a tropical cyclone formed on December 28th, it would take the name from the previous season's list of names. If a storm formed in February, it would be named from the subsequent season's list of names. In the event that more than twenty-one named tropical cyclones occur in the Atlantic basin in a season, additional storms will take names from the Greek alphabet. Find out if your name has ever been on THE list! Not to worry, the Virgin Islands can be a wonderful place to vacation during the summer and fall. In all the time we have rented Great Expectations we have only had one storm (Hurricane Lenny in November of 1999 - commonly called 'wrong way Lenny' since it went from Cuba east to the Virgin Islands) that caused us to close the Villa (and then only for 2 nights). No matter what time of year we always recommend travel insurance, whether during hurricane season or the winter with snow storms that can and have caused airlines to cancel flights, or to protect against the unexpected emergency.