Favorite snorkeling spots around St John?

Snorkeling spot in Solomon Bay, St John

Right up there debating the 'best BBQ on St John' or the 'best beach' on St John is where the 'best snorkeling spot' is on St John'. The bottom line - for us, at least - is that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' answer!  This week the subject is getting a lot of attention on one of my favorite St John travel forums, the


.  So far in just over 24 hours, 30 people have responded (and there has been more than 3750 views) to the basic question of '

best snorkel spot to see a turtle

'. Earlier the same day, on the same forum, Phyl posed the question of '

what are the top 3 snorkel spots on St John

' which has gotten just about the same level of response.

Day or night dives produce amazing finds around the Virgin Islands

What is your favorite snorkeling spot for seeing turtles? Maho, Francis, Salt Pond, Leinster were high on the lists which also included Scott, and Waterlemon. In other words, just about all over St John!

This picture taken at Maho was posted just yesterday by CptnKirk

As to the

'top 3' best snorkeling spots

? While there was vigorous debate as to the top 3, most will admit that the list changes regularly so people should explore new spots each year. Some of the 'must go' spots seem to be: Waterlemon (especially to see starfish), Saltpond, and Chocolate Hole (our guests swear that some of the best snorkeling around St John - or just about anywhere in the Caribbean - is right below our Villa - Great Expectations -  in Chocolate Hole harbor).  Haulover both North and South depending on the weather, Blue Cobblestone, Vie's beach out in the East End also make the list as do the good old standbys of Cinnamon Bay, Maho, Francis, Hawksnest, and Trunk.

The debate is fun to read. People are passionate about their 'favorite' places. The morale of these forum chats for me is that it is hard not to find good snorkeling around St John. Watch the winds though. If the north shore is getting huge waves then head to places on the south shore like Salt Pond, Vie's, and Chocolate Hole.

Some of the best snorkeling around St John is right in Chocolate Hole harbor