Are there Hurricanes?

Hurricanes can occur at anytime of the year. The World Weather Travelers Guide has a good article about hurricanes in the Caribbean. Should a hurricane threaten St. John, you would have plenty of warning these days so even if you are on St. John, you would have time to leave should that be necessary. What you do need to be concerned about is the cost should your vacation be delayed or interrupted! We highly recommend to all our guests the purchase of trip interruption/cancellation insurance; in the winter it may be a snow storm at home creating havoc in vacation plans, in the summer it could be the threat of an approaching hurricane, or, heaven forbid, a medical emergency to anyone at anytime!

While hurricane season stretches from June through November, September is usually the most active month around St John

What is the temperature like at (insert your vacation dates here)?

Averaging 80 degrees year round, truly! St John weather is ideal!

The generic answer to this generic question is that the weather on St. John is usually the same, day or night, winter spring, summer and fall – LOVELY! Seriously, though, the daytime temperature is always 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, bright sunshine with an occasional fluffy cumulus cloud and, maybe, a quick rain shower in the afternoon (we hope daily to keep our rainwater cisterns full) and often with a spectacular rainbow. The nighttime temps are maybe 10 degrees lower. Really, year-round the weather on St. John is always this nice – except for Hurricane Season which peaks in mid-September! We have more guests during the summer from the south (Florida, Georgia, Texas and the Carolina's) who come to get away from the heat and humidity at home. What makes Great Expectations unique is that the Villa faces east over the Caribbean Sea towards Africa and benefits from the almost constant, cooling, easterly Tradewinds which blow unobstructed through the Villa naturally cooling all the rooms. But, nothing can beat floating in the bathtub-warm-temperature of the Caribbean Sea in the middle of a Northeastern snowstorm during January, February or March!