Is the pool kid friendly?

Great Expectations actually has 3 pools. The Guest House has a small white pool that is 4’ deep and has large steps on one end. The original pool is actually 2 connected triangle pools: one is 1’ deep for small children (or super ‘relaxed’ adults) and the other larger one is 3’ deep for children (or again, relaxed adults). The newest and largest ‘infinity’ type pool is 4’ deep and has a 1’ deep bench along the closest-to-villa edge.

Is it hard to drive on St. John?

We drive on the left. Why, well there are a number of different explanations. The US Virgin Islands were owned by Denmark until 1917 so it is not a carry-over from the way they drive in, say, England as may be the reason behind driving on the left in the British Virgin Islands.

One story is that it is because of the donkeys (we have lots of wild asses – tourists aside – residing on St. John) who were trained to walk on the left with other traffic and could never get over it. More likely it is the rum! In any case, not to worry, you cannot get going very fast on St. John so except for the forgetful tourist driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, driving on the left is nothing to be concerned about.

Is there a hospital on St John?

The Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center on St John (located on Centerline Road) was reopened in March of 2019!

The DeCastro Clinic in Cruz Bay is now closed.

The Roy Lester Schneider Hospital is located on St. Thomas. Emergency room service is available 24 hours a day at the hospital. St John is also fortunate to have the all volunteer St John Rescue organization available to assist St John's fire and police.

In case of emergency call St John Rescue at 340-776-9110 or 911.

Is the Zika Virus in the USVI?

The Zika Virus: please see the <a href="" target="_blank">USVI Health Department</a> with information on Zika in the Virgin Islands: We also recommend the purchase of <a href="" target="_blank">Comprehensive trip insurance</a> from Insure My Trip.

</br></br>Most insurance companies recommend that anyone who is booking travel and is concerned about the Zika virus should consider a Comprehensive travel insurance policy. Not all travel insurance policies are going to cover trip cancellation or trip interruption for pregnant travelers who are canceling their trips to areas affected by the Zika virus, so customers are encouraged to read their policies and talk to a travel insurance expert to be sure they’re getting the coverage they require in this particular instance.

Can we host a dinner at Great Expectations for our friends or family staying elsewhere?

We strongly advise against doing that; Great Expectations, or whatever villa you choose to rent, should be your home for the week and not the site of a party for folks not staying there. We know of no villa on St. John with indoor seating, dining, parking or bathrooms to accommodate comfortably more than the people staying at the villa. Case in point: with 8 bedrooms, Great Expectations is one of the largest rental vacation villas on St. John and while we have 8 ½ bathrooms, all the bathrooms except for the half-bath off the Great Room are accessed by going through someone’s bedroom (many villas insist upon renting porta-potties for parties which you definitely do not want to do in the tropics!). Even if you are okay about lots of people going through your bedroom to use your bathroom, there is the challenge of having sufficient indoor space to accommodate everyone comfortably; while it is romantic to think of a beautiful outdoor dinner with guests sitting around rented round tables with soft candlelight under a starlight sky, even if no one minded spraying themselves with bug repellent, what will you do if a sudden Caribbean rain squall joins your dinner party?

We do however allow for special events (rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, corporate dinner, brunch) with up to 1 outside guest per person staying at the villa for a maximum of 32 people. We charge an event fee of $1750 for this and require that all plans be reviewed and approved by us 1 month prior to the event.

What food can we purchase for our dinners that is grown fresh on St. John or caught locally by fishermen?

St. John is a rocky island and these days almost nothing is grown to eat except for Josephine's Greens (available for sale at Starfish). Local fishermen sometimes sell their catch across from the Post Office in town. While it is a sight to watch as they chop the fish with their machetes, the fish are not refrigerated and who knows where or when they caught it! As a small island, currently virtually everything on St. John is imported. When we first started coming to St. John years ago, there was not one market; we had to bring with us what we wanted to cook and eat. Today, the ‘good news’ is that you can purchase all manner of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, poultry and meat in a number of terrific markets on St. John. The ‘bad news’ is that because it is all imported (by plane from the states), everything is very expensive (except for liquor and jewelry, which is duty-free).

What sort of clothes should I pack?

All you need bring with you to St. John is a bathing suit or two, casual clothes, and tennis or "court" sneakers (the acrylic tennis court surface is the same as used at the U.S. Open so, please, no running shoes which leave nasty skid marks). We also recommend you bring snorkeling gear (or you can rent equipment on St. John from Low Key Watersports (which offers our guests a 15% discount) for some of the finest snorkeling in the world!

Will we need to bring supplies such as toilet paper, beach towels, etc.?

We have tried to anticipate having waiting for you all the amenities you could possibly need to enjoy your Caribbean vacation. All you definitely need to bring is your spouse, kids (maybe), parents (be nice to them), friends and any well-behaved family. Great Expectations is equipped and stocked with everything else you will need except for your clothes and personal toiletries. We try to have waiting for you plenty of toilet paper, soap, towels (including beach towels), linens, plates, glasses, utensils, pots and pans. We have washers and dryers available for your use with, assuming the previous guests have not used all our supplies up, laundry detergent and dryer sheets. We have dishwashers (with soap), outdoor BBQs (with propane) and a private basketball and tennis court (with basket balls, tennis balls and tennis rackets). We do not provide snorkeling equipment which can be rented by the day or week from one of the dive shops in town which have a much larger variety of sizes, than we could provide (and we have arranged for a discount for our guests). We do have free WiFi (Internet) but you will need to bring your own laptop computer (or there are a number of Internet cafes in-town where you can use their computers for a fee). We also provide complementary Netflix video streaming. Mother Nature will provide plenty of sun and the most gorgeous stars at night!

What don't you provide for your guests?

Not much. We do not supply personal shampoo, toothpaste, body lotion, beer, wine, liquor, coffee, tea or food. There may or may not be any coffee or tea as well as suntan lotion but it depends on the largesse of the previous guests. We do not have a Keurig or other individual cup coffee-maker. We do not supply bottled water (the water from all the Villa faucets is filtered and purified by an EPA-approved system and probably cleaner than your water at home). We do not supply a car for you to use. What else? We do not provide telephones or TVs in the 4 Main Villa bedrooms (but there is a 60 inch LED HDTV in the Great Room and a smaller TV in the Guest House). We do not provide air-conditioning in the Great Room (all the other rooms are air-conditioned) because it is designed to be open, encouraging the flow of people from outside to inside with tiled patios on both sides (the Great Room does have a Big Ass fan -- seriously that is what it is called). We do not have a piano, billiard or ping-pong tables (we do have lots of outdoor toys including 3 swimming pools, 2 hot tubs and a basketball/tennis court).

Do I really need a rental car?

The answer is absolutely! St John is a small island but, it has tons of wonderful nooks and crannies to explore. Taxis are available but, they are on island time and not dependable when you might want to go to the beach or to a restaurant at night. so yes, to enjoy St John and have the vacation that you have dreamt about please rent a car. Best of all we have arranged for guests of Great Expectations to get discounts at several of the St John rental car firms.