Can we host a dinner at Great Expectations for our friends or family staying elsewhere?

We strongly advise against doing that; Great Expectations, or whatever villa you choose to rent, should be your home for the week and not the site of a party for folks not staying there. We know of no villa on St. John with indoor seating, dining, parking or bathrooms to accommodate comfortably more than the people staying at the villa. Case in point: with 8 bedrooms, Great Expectations is one of the largest rental vacation villas on St. John and while we have 8 ½ bathrooms, all the bathrooms except for the half-bath off the Great Room are accessed by going through someone’s bedroom (many villas insist upon renting porta-potties for parties which you definitely do not want to do in the tropics!). Even if you are okay about lots of people going through your bedroom to use your bathroom, there is the challenge of having sufficient indoor space to accommodate everyone comfortably; while it is romantic to think of a beautiful outdoor dinner with guests sitting around rented round tables with soft candlelight under a starlight sky, even if no one minded spraying themselves with bug repellent, what will you do if a sudden Caribbean rain squall joins your dinner party?

We do however allow for special events (rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, corporate dinner, brunch) with up to 1 outside guest per person staying at the villa for a maximum of 32 people. We charge an event fee of $1750 for this and require that all plans be reviewed and approved by us 1 month prior to the event.