How far from the Villa is the closest beach?

Great Expectations sits about 150 feet above two beaches within walking distance from the Villa. To the east, accessed by a path directly from the Villa is the beach at Hart Bay which has phenomenal beach combing; all manner, sizes and shape of coral wash up onto the beach during storms from the coral reef which comes right up to the shore. The Villa’s grounds are decorated with the best pieces of coral; guests carry coral back from Hart Bay beach planning to take them home as souvenirs only to discover their suitcases which were packed full on their way down, will not accommodate the coral on their way home!

To the west, is the beach at Chocolate Hole harbor which is accessible by foot or by car (you can park right next to the beach). Since it is on the lee (non-windy) side, this beach is perfect for snorkeling; there is a salt pond (created during hurricanes when sea water is blown inland and trapped there after the storm passes) at the north end of the harbor which the government allows the landowners around it to keep a channel dredged out to the sea so all sorts of fish and turtles feed on the crustaceans which grow in the salt pond as they make their way out to the ocean!

However, neither of these beaches is as nice as the beautiful white sand beaches of the US National Park located along the northern shore of St. John (about a 10-15 minute drive on paved roads from the Villa).