Can we save money by not renting a car or Jeep?

No. A taxi from the Villa to town (Cruz Bay) costs $5 per person. From town to, say, the beach at Trunk Bay, costs another $8 per person. That’s > $25 per person round-trip with a tip (if you ever want to see the taxi driver again during your stay), or $100 per day for 4 people – more than the daily cost of a rental car on St. John! Some might ask at this point, “but what if we do not go to one of the US National Park beaches every day?” Our answer is then do not come to St. John; while there are two beaches within walking distance of the Villa, neither comes close to the beauty of the white sand beaches along the north shore of St. John in the US National Park.

Still not sure? How’s this: we have never had in over 20 years of business any guest who did not rent vehicles while on St. John or who realized after not renting that they should have. Trust us, rent sufficient vehicles so that everyone in your group can explore one of the world’s greatest islands! We have even arranged discounts for our guests from a number of rental car agencies on St John and St Thomas, so you have no excuse!