The Estate Chocolate Hole Landowners Association (ECHLA) membership, at an annual meeting, adopted a “courtesy code” which we believe will remind all of us of the many ways we can treat our neighbors with respect and consideration, as we are brought closer together. And we should also remember that, although Estate Chocolate Hole is mostly a residential community, it is made up of a blend of long-term residents, part-time residents, and short-term guests.

Estate Chocolate Hole Courtesy Code

Lighting: Outdoor lighting should not interfere with our neighbor’s ability to enjoy the natural beauty of our environment. Please keep all lighting low impact and pointed downwards (low wattage, not facing outwards) and turn ALL outside lights off from midnight through dawn.

Noise: Noise travels easily. This area serves as an amphitheater. Between the hours of 9 PM and 8 AM, please keep noise from music, television, construction activity low so that it is not heard by your neighbor – this includes barking dogs and screaming children. (If you can hear your neighbor’s radio, imagine what else they can hear from your home!).

Parking: All homes must provide on-site parking for their residents, staff, service providers, and guests. Parking on estate roads (either dirt or paved) is forbidden as well as unsafe. Domestic Animals: Domestic animals should be confined to the owner’s property and not allowed to roam freely. Please leash your pet when walking on ECHLA’s roads.

Group events: This is a residential neighborhood. Rental homes should not be marketed as sites for events larger than the residence can sleep (i.e. if the rental home has 10 beds, as do many 4 or 5 bedroom homes, rental home events should be limited to 10 people) nor as sites for weddings or corporate retreats (rental homes should not be marketed in “groupings” of homes –i.e. several villas rented to one group). Group events such events such as weddings should be held at local hotels, restaurants, or beaches.